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2022/06/10-12 Tijuna, MexicoWorkers Summit of the Americas

No to NATO - Mo, 06/06/2022 - 00:47
The United States is organizing a Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. They have excluded Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.  As a result many countries have refused to attend. As an alternative, there will be a Workers’ Summit of the Americas, which UNAC and many other organizations support, which will be held in Tijuana on June 10 – 12. Our conference is a place where the countries that are besieged by the US and who have been barred from participation will … Continue reading →

2022/07/30 New York, USA International Peace & Planet Conference: THE FIERCE URGENCY OF NOW

No to NATO - So, 05/06/2022 - 23:32
Sharing Analysis & Strategies, Developing Actions to Address the World’s Increasingly Dangerous Disorder Speakers from the U.S., Europe, Japan & the Global South –> to register click here (google.doc) The Ukraine war and competition among the great powers have dangerously increased the dangers of a third, potentially nuclear, world war, and have underscored what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. over half a century ago described as “the fierce urgency of now”. Like the period leading to the First World War, … Continue reading →


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