SIKO Gegenaktionen München

Call for protests against the NATO “Security” Conference

Take to the streets with us on
Saturday, 18 February 2017
Peace not NATO – No to war!

At the so-called Munich Security Conference in February 2017, the political, business, and military power elites, particularly of the NATO member states, those mainly responsible for the misery of the refugees, for war, poverty and environmental destruction, will be gathering. Contrary to their claims, they are concerned neither about the peaceful resolution of conflicts, nor about security for the people of the world, but about maintaining their global dominance, and about the profits of multinational corporations.

But above all, the Security Conference is a propaganda forum for justifying the existence of NATO, the billions it spends on arms, and its illegal wars of aggression based on lies, that are sold to the people as “humanitarian interventions”.

NATO, this alliance for war, is a threat to all humanity

The NATO countries protect trade routes instead of human rights, and combat the refugees instead of the reasons for their flight. They secure the wealth of the wealthy instead of food for all, incite conflicts, and promote terrorism. NATO relies on the principle that “might makes right”. Since the attack on Yugoslavia – with Germany's participation in violation of our constitution – the NATO countries have been violating international law. Their alleged “war on terror” is nothing but sheer terrorism itself. The U.S. government's drone warfare is illegal lynch law, murder on mere suspicion, and has already cost the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people.
Hardly any country that does not submit unconditionally to the imperialist nations' rules of the game is safe from “Western” military interventions. The catastrophic war in Syria and the growth of IS after the latest Iraq War are the result of the policy of “regime change” pursued by the USA, NATO, the EU, and their regional allies. Their wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, and their economic sanctions shattered these countries, and destroyed their inhabitants' vital resources.

End the war in Syria

The overthrow of the Syrian government openly attempted by the NATO countries, and their military support for the most reactionary forces and gangs of foreign mercenaries, is a violation of the United Nations charter. Playing a false game, NATO member Turkey is utilizing the war in Syria for its decades-long war against the Kurds, which it is intensifying brutally, in particular in order to destroy the project of grassroots democracy in Rojava in northern Syria. Furthermore, the NATO military international increases the risk of a direct confrontation between the USA and the Russian Federation, and has the potential for a nuclear catastrophe for the whole world.
The aerial bombardment that is costing thousands of civilian victims must be ended by all sides. Peace in Syria cannot be achieved by bombs, but only by a political solution involving the people affected by the war. They need a perspective worth living for, so that they deprive the IS of all support.

Stop the military mobilization against Russia

NATO has resurrected its old picture of the enemy, and set off a perilous confrontation. It is advancing up to the Russian borders: the permanent presence of NATO troops, the forward deployment of tanks and fighter jets in the three Baltic states and Poland, the establishment of a Rapid Reaction Force, the arming of the Kiev regime, and the NATO manoeuvres in eastern Europe are preparations for war. With its so-called "missile defence" systems, the USA hopes to create a risk-free nuclear first-strike capacity against Russia.

Germany is involved in every war

In violation of its constitution, Germany forms the military hub for the wars of aggression waged by the USA and NATO. The most important NATO and U.S. command centres are located on German soil. From the U.S. Air Force base in Ramstein, the transportation of arms and troops is handled, missions are launched, and the flights of the killer drones are directed. The German armed forces are involved directly or indirectly in all NATO wars, and are being armed with the latest weaponry for this purpose.
The German government has announced that it intends to spend an additional 130 billion euros on the equipping and arming of the armed forces over the next fifteen years, and in addition to gradually increase annual military spending from the current 34.3 billion euros to two percent of GDP, about 70 billion euros.
In the year 2015, the German government approved arms exports amounting to 12.8 billion euros, almost double the amount in the previous year (2015 Arms Exports Report).
Authoritarian and reactionary regimes, such as those in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, are the preferred customers of the German armaments manufacturers. The blood money is flowing freely.
Together with the nuclear powers USA, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and Israel, the German government is blocking negotiations on a ban on all nuclear weapons at the UN. The US nuclear weapons stationed in Germany, which are currently being "modernized" for extended potential use, or converted into largely new weapons, are a part of the U.S. and NATO nuclear-war strategy, to which the German government also clings – despite its lip service to nuclear disarmament.

Resistance is called for: war must not be a means to political ends!

  • We say No to the further arming of the German armed forces, to the production of weapons of war, and to arms exports. End the supply of arms to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar at once! The billions spend on arms and war must be used for social welfare instead.
  • Get the atom bombs out of Germany! Our nuclear complicity with the USA must be ended. The German government must stop providing the Tornado fighter-bombers and the training for the use of the nuclear weapons, and denounce the Status of Forces Agreement concerning the storage of the U.S. nuclear weapons here.
  • End all the Bundeswehr operations abroad! Quit NATO and the military structures of the EU. Close down all U.S. and NATO military bases. Abolish the armed forces.
  • No more participation by Germany in the confrontation with Russia – neither in military exercises, nor in the military presence in eastern Europe. There can only be peace in Europe together with, and not against, Russia.
  • Solidarity with the refugees. Protection and safety for all victims from war zones and the countries afflicted by hunger, poverty, and environmental destruction. The mass deaths in the Mediterranean must be stopped. The people seeking protection need legal ways to enter Europe.

As part of a worldwide resistance movement,
we stand for peace and social justice, and call on you:

Join the demonstration
against the meeting of the NATO war strategists
on Saturday, 18 February 2017 in Munich


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