SIKO Gegenaktionen München

No to the War in Syria

Der Appeal 2016 was written before the Decision of the Bundestag for the War in Syria - of course our mobilisation goes against this war!

to Participation of the German Armed Forces in War against Syria

On February 13, attend the demonstration and rallies against the NATO “Security Conference” in Munich.

With the German Armed Forces' (Bundeswehr) participation in the war in Syria, Germany is again involved in military operations which will cost further loss of thousands of civilian lives.
To date, all NATO wars resulted in unbelievable devastation and hundreds of thousands of deaths.
The so-called War on Terror has strengthened, not weakened, terror. In Afganistan today, the Taliban is stronger than ever. The power of the IS is one of the results of the U.S. wars in Iraq, the NATO wars in Libya and the armaments export to the region, including German deliveries to Saudi-Arabia, Katar and Turkey.

The German military engagement in Syria means moral irresponsibility, violation of the German constitution and crimes against international human rights. Each new provocation, whether intended or not, increases the danger of further international escalation.

Essential for the defeat of the IS and other terror militias is the elimination of their financial sources. The solution of the Syrian problem begins here.

The influx of money, weapons and military reinforcements for the IS and its petroleum sales through Turkey must be stopped. Without its sponsors—without its support on the part of Turkey, without its petrodollars from Saudi-Arabia and Katar—the IS would survive less than a month.

The people in the region need worth-while alternatives, through which support for the IS could be completely eliminated.

Not with bombs, but only through a political solution, with and by the embattled Syrian people, can the war in Syria be peacefully terminated.

Make the demonstration
against the Munich Security Conference-
NATO war strategists
a deafening protest
against the escalation of the Syrien war.