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Call for protests against the NATO “Munich Security Conference” on Saturday, February 13, 2016, in Munich

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At the so-called "Munich Security Conference" in February, 2016, the political, economic and military power elite, mostly from NATO countries, responsible for the plight of refugees, for war, poverty and ecological catastrophes, will congregate in Munich. These chosen few will not concern themselves with world-wide human security, but will concentrate on maintaining their global dominance.

Sixty million people, worldwide, are attempting to ecape war and poverty. But very few of them actually reach Europe. They are fleeing a world order of exploitation, of war, destruction, misery and death.

Solidarity with all refugees

Misery, destruction and mass exoduses are the dramatic consequences of Western politics. Most refugees come from countries driven into chaos by NATO interventionism.

  • The wars of NATO countries - Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya - have destroyed the livelihoods of the people in these countries and have in turn strengthened the criminal IS.
  • Conflicts and civil wars are fueled and fired up by arms shipments.
    Reactionary and authoritarian states like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar become allies of the "West" and are upgraded militarily.


The NATO wars do not defend the member countries against an attack of other states. Instead they are sparked to change regimes and enable NATO countries to control energy resources and geostrategic interests. Hardly any country is safe from "western" military intervention, especially those that do not unconditionally submit to the rules of the imperialist states.

After the failure of NATO in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, NATO has revived Russia as the “bogeyman” and has set into force an explosively dangerous confrontation strategy. NATO has expanded provocatively to the borders of Russia.

We are against the NATO confrontation and military buildup

  • against the expansion of NATO military bases in Eastern European countries, in addition to the world-wide over 800 US bases,
  • against the NATO missile systems and use of killer drones,
  • against NATO troop maneuvers in Ukraine and the military build-up in Kiev,
  • against the further aggravation of the conflict in Syria - for a political solution,
  • for withdrawal of US nuclear weapons stationed in Germany - ending the German military flights, training for use of nuclear weapons, cancelling stationing-termination contracts,
  • for stopping not only military, but also all arms exports,
  • for discontinuing German military missions abroad.

From German soil emanates war, not peace

Germany is one of the world's dominant arms exporters. Germany has become - in breach of the constitution - the military hub for all major US and NATO-led wars of aggression: via the US base in Ramstein military equipment of the US Armed Forces is sent to the Middle East and Africa, and killer drones are daily directed precisely murdering thousands of people, all over the world.

Such German support for and active participation in war stands in clear violation of the dominating and presiding peace requirement of the German constitution and its non-wavering peace obligations as stated in the German Unification, or “Two Plus Four” Treaty, Article II, mandating "that from German soil only peace shall emanate."

TTIP, CETA, TISA cannot be permitted

Social and democratic standards will be degraded by big international corporations' proposed Trade Protection Agreements. All areas of trade are to be delegated to the profit interests of the large transnational corporations, resulting as always in more poverty and refugees.

The global power of big corporations, their political henchmen and the wartime NATO alliance are definite threats to all of mankind.
They perpetuate a world order through which in 2016 the richest one percent of the world population will have more wealth than the remaining 99 percent, as per OXFAM study of January 20, 2015. The profit-oriented economic system of these plutocracies destroy the life and livelihoods of all mankind.

As part of a growing worldwide progressive resistance movement, we are standing up for peace and justice in a world without exploitation of people and extreme destruction of the environment.
Therefore we declare to the convening NATO Security Conference power elites: You and your politics are undesired, here in Munich and everywhere throughout the world.

We call upon all citizens to protest against the so-called Security Conference on Saturday, February 13, 2016, in Munich
13:00 Rally at Stachus Karlsplatz
13:45 Encirclement of the NATO-war strategists’ meeting place
Demonstration - from Stachus (Karlsplatz) via Lenbachplatz to – Monument to the Nazi Victims - Odeonsplatz – and to Marienplatz
Protest chain - extending from Neuhauser Strasse - Kaufingerstr. – and to Marienplatz
15:00 Final rally at Marienplatz

Activities' Confederation against the NATO Security Conference (AKTIONSBÜNDNIS GEGEN DIE NATO-SICHERHEITSKONFERENZ)

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