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Call of the action Alliance Against the "NATO NATO Securityconference 2013

No Peace with Nato
Become active against the Munich "Security Conference"

Call for protests against the so-called "Security Conference" (SiKo) 2013 in Munich

In February high-ranking politicians and war strategists, representatives of industrial and weapons companies - mainly from NATO and European Common Market countries - will again meet in Munich for their so-called Security Conference. There strategies will be discussed with which they want to push through their economical and power political interests worldwide. They talk about peace and security, but they are the representatives of a system that inevitably brings on wars.

Therefore we are demonstrating against armament and wars, in favor of peace and disarmament.

They talk about security - and threaten new wars.
Old, well-known lies, such as those before the Iraq and Afganistan war, serve as pretext for war threats against Iran which are becoming louder and louder. Their sanctions against Iran do not serve as a basis for a negociated solution in the nuclear conflict, but rather as preparation for war.

It would be necessary to establish a nuclear weapons free zone in the Middle and Near East. Instead of that, Germany fuels the conflict, delivers submarines with nuclear weapon capabilities to Israel and tanks to Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

They simulate consternation about the shedding of blood in the civil war in Syria and through their delivery of weapons to the rebels are themselves a part of these war crimes. Thereby it is not an end to the bloodshed that counts, but rather a regime change in Syria, - also as a preparation for an attack against Iran.

It would be necessary o end the partisanship and all delivery of weapons and other supports of war. Only then will there be space for democratic solutions to the conflict.

They talk about democracy but arm the Federal Armed Forces for missions inside the country and in other countries.
Im rheinland-pfälzischen Büchel lagern ca.20 US-Atomwaffen. Piloten der Bundesluftwaffe proben mit Tornado-Kampfflugzeugen den Einsatz dieser Atombomben. Damit verstößt Deutschland gegen den Atomwaffensperrvertrag und torpediert weitere Schritte zur atomaren Abrüstung.
It would be necessary for the government to immediately respect the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and that it no longer supplies bomber pilots and fighter planes and nuclear weapons depots.

They talk about democracy but arm the Federal Armed Forces for missions inside the country and in other countries.
The Federal Armed Forces nestles itself in educational facilities and municipalities and militarizes more and more areas of community life.
The Armed Forces - contrary to the Constitution - are being converted to an internationally employable army of intervention. In the coming year the military expenses will reach the highest stand in the history of the German Federal Republic, and in order to perfect their warfare capabilities the Government plans the acquisition of armed drones.
It would be necessary to have a true politics of peace without the Federal Armed Forces .

Germany, NATO and the EU countries are concerned with ensuring a world order in which the few pile up immense riches while millions in the world are starving.

In Germany 1% of the population possesses almost half of the monetary assets. Worldwide, the richest tenth has more than three-fourths of all monies at its disposal. At the same time, every five seconds a child starves to death or dies from an easily curable illness.

The gentlemen and women who are meeting in the Bayerischer Hof Hotel for the Security Conference are jointly responsible for the destruction of the natural necessities of life.

They are ruining whole countries and causing millionfold misery of refugees. They are the representatives of this murderous capitalisctic system that is ruining human beings as well as nature. Their politics are also the breeding grounds for nationalism, racism and fascism.

With their medial propaganda they have as their goal to keep the people quiet - through fear of unemployment, worry about the future of their children, powerlessness against the terror of the financial markets. The Munich "Security Conference" is one of the worldwide most important forums for propaganda for these aims and to justify warfare.

But we do not let ourselves be intimidated.

We are opposed to this system that is oriented exclusively toward profit and stops at nothing. We promote global fairness and human dignity and non-violence in international relations - against exploitation and war.

War begins here.

Germany is in third place on the world ranking list in weapons exports, and directly in front of our front door are some of the largest weapon producers. They make millions of profits through their aid to the worldwide mass murder.

That is why we go out on the street

  • Against the business of war and military power politics
    For peace, disarmament and social justice - for a world without nuclear weapons
  • Against the militarization of society, against nationalism and racism
    For international solidarity and non-violence in international relations
  • Against all operations abroad by the Federal Armed Forces
    Military out of educational centers, job centers, municipalities and fairs.
    For the disbanding of intervention troups and finally the Federal Armed Forces
    For Germany's withdrawal from NATO and all EU military structures
    For the dissolution of NATO
  • Against all weapons exports.
    For the use of the armament and war millions for the fight against hunger and poverty in the world.

Without massive pressure from below the governments will not change their armament and war politics.Essential for survival is thus that all who want to cause a change organize and act together. Therefore:

Come to Munich!
Take part in the mass demonstration against the NATO Security Conference,
on Saturday, February 2, 2013, 13:00, Stachus (Karlsplatz)

Alliance for Action against the NATO Security Conference

Support declarations welcome - they will be updated continuously online!

Money givings please to: Martin Löwenberg Kt.Nr. 472 233 701 Postbank Stuttgart BLZ 600 100 70, IBAN DE23 7001 0080 0028 2648 02 BIC PBNKDEFF, Mention: "Siko 2013"