SIKO Gegenaktionen München

Appeal by the Action Alliance against the NATO-“Security Conference“

No Peace with the NATO War Policy!

They talk about “Security”, but their policy means war, torture and militarisation: In the sixtieth year of existence, high ranking military strategists and government officials of the NATO states meet once again with armament lobbyists for the so called Munich Conference on Security Policy.
Shielded by barriers, water cannons and police units they come together in the luxury hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich to coordinate global military strategies, military interventions, and armament deals. We will oppose them with diverse and creative protest and resistance! The protests against the Munich “Security conference” 2009 are at the same time the prelude for the international mobilisation against the NATO propaganda show on the 4th of April in Strasbourg.

Stop the Warmongers

NATO serves the western industrial states as a means to enforce their economic interests all over the globe by military means and to secure the unhindered access to markets and resources. The ongoing eastern expansion of NATO is meant to increase their sphere of influence, e.g. encircling Russia and consolidating their military superiority. The NATO wars and occupation regimes mean bombardment, displacement, destruction, rape and torture for the population of the affected regions. A self-determined and democratic development stands no chance under these circumstances..

End War and Occupation

Thousands of soldiers of the German armed forces are in foreign deployment which violates the constitution of the FRG. In Afghanistan it can be seen more and more clearly what occupational troops result in: they produce more terror, more distress, more victims of bombings. Militarisation and warfare may never again be instruments of German foreign policy. They don't serve the people but rather the geostrategic and economic interests of the NATO states.

German Troops out of Afghanistan – Against any German Support for War

The militarisation exercised in foreign countries goes hand in hand with cuts on domestic democracy and an ongoing erosion of the constitution. With so called Security laws, basic rights are being hollowed out and data retention, spying on private PCs, preventive custody and an omnipresent surveillance are being “legalized”. Armed forces operations within Germany which violate Basic Constitutional Law, for example at the Security conference and at the G8 – Summit in Heiligendamm, are supposed to become normality. The new Law of Assembly in Bavaria renders basic liberties useless. We will never accept that!

For the Unlimited Freedom of Speech and Assembly

We oppose any sealing-off of the EU borders and any marginalisation of migrants and refugees, the xenophobic immigration laws in Germany, the de facto abolition of the right of asylum, racist assault and any form of deportation. Flight and migration are the consequences of war, occupation, misery, hunger, torture and environmental destruction. The causes have to be fought, not their victims.

Fight the Causes of Flight instead of Barbed Wire and Compounds
We oppose a capitalist power system that stops at nothing to gain profit, that knows no peace without war and pushes through its economic interests militarily as well as through organisations like WTO, IMF, World Bank or the G8. Let us show the self-proclaimed world leaders and war strategists: You are not welcome here in Munich nor anywhere else! We are against your policy of neo-liberal economic power and exploitation, of armament and social cuts, therefore, we will protest and resist with all our strength:

On February 6th and 7th in Munich just as on April 3rd and 4th in Strasbourg/Baden-Baden

Against Racism and War! - Abolish NATO! - Another World is Possible!

Action Alliance against the NATO-“Security Conference“

We too will organize transport to the Protests in Strasbourg / Baden-Baden!