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Act against NATO war-making
For peace and disarmament
Get the Bundeswehr out of Afghanistan!

Call for protests against the so-called ‘Security Conference’ on 4-5 February 2011 in Munich

On the first weekend in February, the government representatives, military men, war strategists, and arms lobbyists, mainly from NATO and EU countries, will be meeting in the Hotel Bayerischer Hof again.

But we do not want to leave our security to politicians and military strategists with blood-stained hands: the blood of the victims of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yugoslavia. Their main objective is to secure the economic interests and dominance of the USA and the EU countries. With their arms exports, they are aiding and abetting worldwide murder.

While they are discussing the rules of the game for their world order, we will take to the streets and demonstrate.

Wars begin even before the bombs fall

A billion people go hungry. “Every five seconds, a child dies of malnutrition or easily curable diseases. These children do not die, they are murdered.” (Jean Ziegler) – Murdered by a world order that will stick at nothing to make a profit, by an economic system which is systematically ruining the vital natural resources of this planet, by a capitalist system that bears war within itself, as clouds bear rain.

Torture, kidnapping, and mass killing of civilians are aspects of war, just like the sealing of our borders against refugees fleeing poverty or climate catastrophe, or the victims of German arms exports.

The victims of these wars are always people, nature, and a culture of living together on this one Earth.

The SiKo – mobilization for profits, murder, and war

This is what the military strategists at the ‘Security’ Conference stand for. They count on people keeping quiet, out of fear. Fear of unemployment, fear for the future of their children, or fear of terrorism.

Those responsible for criminal wars, for worldwide poverty, and for ecological lunacy want to make people believe that “There Is No Alternative” to their world order.

However, many people are beginning to resist. Our rulers are preparing for this with a terrorism hype. They are expanding the surveillance regime, inflating police forces, and even want to use the military at home.

But there are always alternatives. They start with acting in solidarity, protest, and resistance. Let us show the self-appointed world rulers and arm-chair strategists:

We will counter your policies of neoliberalism, war, and armament with our protest and nonviolent resistance.

We will demonstrate

  • against war-mongering and military power politics
  • against chauvinism and racism
  • for the immediate withdrawal of the Bundeswehr from Afghanistan and an end to all military interventions
  • for disarmament instead of the further conversion of the Bundeswehr to a expeditionary force that can be deployed throughout the world – abolish the Bundeswehr!
  • for Germany’s withdrawal from NATO, and no participation in the military structures of the EU.

The world does not need NATO, or any other military alliances. What we need are peace, disarmament, development, and social justice.

Join the mass demonstration, imaginatively, colorfully, and loudly!

We will not be intimidated, and reject defamatory insinuations that serve as an excuse for police repression – and also for restricting our freedom of assembly.

This is not working in Stuttgart or in Gorleben. It will not work in Munich, either.

Come to the protests against the war conference in Munich!
Mass Rally
Saturday, 5 February 2011 – start 1 p.m., Marienplatz

Action Alliance against the NATO Security Conference