SIKO Gegenaktionen München

Appeal of the Action-Alliance against the NATO-Security-Conference 2008

They talk of „security“.

We call it war, torture and terror.

They speak of „security“, but their politics mean war, torture and militarization.

The „Security-Conference“ in München is a meeting of military strategists, government representatives, generals and arms industry lobbyists.

Entrenched behind security barriers, water cannons and a gigantic police force, each year EU- and NATO-representatives gather in order to plan wars, international military strategies and arms business. Thus, this conference prepared the wars of aggression against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Irak and made central decisions for the so called „global war against terror“.

No foreign interventions of the german military – Against all german support of war

The economically and politically powerful of the world claim the right to unhampered access to markets and commodities on the entire globe. And they enforce their economic interests and ambitions for power with military violence. The occupation wars of the NATO-states and their allies, that were lead under the slogan of fighting terror, are themselves terror against the people: displacement, destruction, rapes as well as the reintroduction of institutionalized torture as seen in Guantanamo and secret prisons.

The NATO-wars and occupation regimes escalate conflicts worldwide; self-determined reconstruction and democratic development don't have a chance.

Against war and torture – For a free and self-determined life of all people

The renewed militarization of German foreign policy has long lead to a militarization of the interior. The politics of the preemptive „security“-state further the dismounting of the civil rights of all citizens via data retention of phone calls, spying on pc-data, preventive custody, surveillance of public places and private homes. Anti-militarists are being systematically confronted with repression and criminalization by the political paragraph 129a, as done by massive raids before and after the G8-summit in Rostock. And we witness military intervention in the interior, namely soldiers, scout tanks and Tornado combat aircrafts against the protests in Heiligendamm 2007. In Hof (Bavaria) the military is granted domestic authority during the security conference for years now.

Against the surveillance-state – For freedom of expression and civil rights

We fight against a system of power, that is based on profit and that - in times of war and peace alike - tramples dead bodies underfoot, against a system of violent closure of EU-borders against migrants and refugees. Included are the racist and xenophobic legislation for foreigners in Germany, the abolition of the right to asylum, deadly baits and assaults and the organized mass-deportations of refugees to the war zones of Afghanistan and Irak from all over Europe.

Fighting the reasons for taking refuge - Open borders for refugees and migrants instead of barbed wire and camps

Let's show these self-proclaimed rulers of the world and war-strategists: You are not wanted, neither here in München nor anywhere else. We resist and protest everywhere, against your politics of neoliberal economic dominance and exploitation, of rearmament and social cuts, because another world is possible – a just society, a peaceful world without war and torture.

Instead of social dismantling and rearmament – redistribution from the top to the bottom

We call on you: Get involved, participate in the multifaceted protests and counter-events in München! The protests and blockades of Heiligendamm against the G8-summit have shown, that we are successful. Despite entrenched zones and demo-prohibition, with means of civil disobedience and acts of resistance tens of thousands successfully blockaded the access routes to the summit. In February we will clarify: Criminals of war and advocates of torture will meet resistance and protest in München.

No justice, no peace!

Join the demonstration and further acts of resistance the 9th of February in München!