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Speech Malalai Joya

Speech of Malalai Joya at the Manifestation on 4. 02. 2012 against the NATO-Warconference at Marienplatz

I would like to thank the organizer for giving me their tribune to bring the massage of suffered people of Afghanistan, especially its unfortunate women, to you.

I send salutation to all anti-war and progressive forces of Germany who stand in solidarity with my mourning people. If German government is a close friend of the enemies of our people and follows the sinister policy of the US/NATO since over 10 years of occupation, but I am glad that anti-war and peace-loving people of Germany stand in solidarity with us which gives us more encouragement and determination to fight for justice and true democracy in our country.

Susan George

Statement of Susan George (Transnational Institute) for the Demonstration against the NATO-Security-Conference

Army Intelligence Analyst Bradley Manning ...

Army Intelligence Analyst Bradley Manning: ein Beispiel für Zivilcourage

Seit längerem erregt der "Fall" des US-Amerikaners Bradley Manning international Aufsehen. Im letzten Jahr hat ihm das Munich American Peace Committee den “Peace through Conviction Award”- Frieden durch Überzeugung - verliehen - in Abwesenheit.

Jetzt zu den SiKo-Protesten kommen auch GIs nach München, um mit uns gegen die Kriegspolitik aufzustehen (mehr in Kürze)

Vom 1. bis zum 21. Dezember 2011, stand Bradley Manning in Fort Meade, einem U.S. Militärstützpunkt in Maryland, U.S.A., vor einem Militäruntersuchungsgericht der U.S. Army.

No Peace with NATO –
No Peace with War Business!

Call for protests against the 2012 so-called “Munich Security Conference”

On the first weekend in February, 2012, they will be meeting again in the Munich Hotel Bayerischcr Hof: War strategists, mainly from NATO and EU countries, high-ranking military men, representatives of governments and of arms and other corporations. They will be forging coalitions for war and coordinating military strategies for their worldwide plans for intervention.

Bradley Manning - "Peace through Conviction" Award 2011

Das Munich American Peace Committee (MAPC) verleiht jährlich zum Termin der NATO-Sicherheitskonferenz seinen Preis:

Frieden durch Überzeugung - Peace through Conviction

Diesjähriger Preisträger "Peace through Conviction" ist der U.S. Army Widerstandskämpfer Private First Class Bradley Manning.

Ägypten Solidemo

12.02.2011 - 13:00
Solidemo Ägypten Sendlinger-Tor-Platz


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